Meeting Minutes 6/30/14

(1) Brief update on District Issues

(2) How to Attract more Participation in your PTO

What is working? Specific/Short Term Tasks

  • Electronic Communication (e-News)
  • More participation at younger levels and at schools where students lottery in
  • Parent education nights/engage parents
  • Individual/Personal outreach
  • Online volunteer sign in
  • Core group of parents (6-12) – structure
  • Emails from secretary to parents
  • Newsletters
  • One on one interactions
  • Announcements on PA to students – Bd asks secretary
  • Bi – monthly general PTO meetings (Corridor – 6:30, North Switch it up, with agendas, door prizes, child care, translation)
  • Monthly board meetings and informal huddles
  • Events specific fliers (PTO pays set $/year to school for office vote)
  • Facebook – PTO Board members = webmaster events
  • School website – teacher = webmaster
  • Boxtops/Campbell’s soup/cookie dough/ e-script-/Kendall cares/car show/carnival auction/spaghetti feed
  • Providing child care on site

Who are the people not being reached and how can we reach them?

  • People who feel disconnected (working parents, poorer, parents of color,
    apathetic parents, overwhelmed parents, ESL, Language barriers, put off by
    fundraising, prone to over commitment, those put off by feelings of
    irrelevance, those who are burned out, those who feel lack of connection,
    especially in regard to MS & HS)
  • Non English Language families
  • 2 job homes/exhausted families
  • Excluded/uninformed/unclear on importance
  • Un-welcoming office environment
  • Working parents
  • Disenfranchised/frustrated parents
  • Alienated feeling parents
  • Parents feeling un-welcomed

What would help?

  • For those without email, use texting/paper – auto dialers – Google group
    rather than list
  • Surveys to gauge interest
  • 2 way communication in an accessible manner
  • Have fun events at school
  • Invite families/welcome
  • Get teachers to help ask
  • Classroom specific adults
  • Invite board to join staff meeting
  • Promote in August

Fostering Collaboration Among PTOs

  • Email list for anyone who signs up
  • Facebook page
  • The items that are working are announcements on P.A., specific short-term tasks, childcare, emails, parent nights, PTA newsletters – email, personal invitation, and
    RSS feed. Currently, non-English speaking families, parents with kids in multiple
    schools, evening/double job holders, parents who are uninformed of events, people
    who feel irrelevant or unwelcome, pressure to fundraise is a different, and secondary
    schools are all not being reached. Ways to reach these people include invitation and
    interpretation in native language provided when asked for, PTA news, PTO
    ambassadors at other events, vertical response, mail chimp, collaboration with
    school staff, cultivate relationships with principals and directories/”smart

First Meeting of the 2014-15 year, tentatively set for September 18 at 4:30 p.m.

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