Meeting Minutes from 10/25/16

The meet was convened at 6:30 pm and began with introductions. Parent Leaders were in attendance from Buena Vista, Camas Ridge, Edison, Family School, Gilham, Howard, Kelly, McCornack, Monroe, North Eugene,  Sheldon, Willagillespie, and Yujin Gakuen.

District Presentations

We started out with introductions and a presentation from district leadership. Some of the highlights so far this year include:

  • Two new buildings opened; Roosevelt and Howard.
  • Two new buildings are in construction, ATA (Old Jefferson Middle) and the new River Road
  • 2016-2017 scheduled is the 1st full year of school (no furlough days) since 1999
  • 9th and 10th grades are fully scheduled
  • Attendance has increased
  • Class sizes are reduced. Last year at this time, 39 elementary schools had class sizes over 30. This year only 7 elementary schools are struggling
  • Part-time counselors have been added to elementary schools
  • Elementary math curriculum has been adopted; two open houses are planned with self-paced walk thoughs (budget 20-minutes to complete)
  • Formalizing a science curriculum adoption, inquiry based science approach (write and reading)
  • Reinvesting in immersion programs, evaluating frameworks for interventions, looking at curriculmn to help with kids having trouble – focus on equitable outcomes
  • Standardized the district attendance policy
  • Strengthen consent education with a focus on healthy relationships at secondary level, looking at a secular version of the Our Whole Lives program
  • Continuing with Naviance college and career readiness program to support multiple pathways to success
  • Supporting AVID program

Focus on Capacity Building

Educators Josh Reckord and Bill Kenta provided education on how to increase the capacity of PTOs.

Theory Stop: The value of parent involvement

  • Highlighted the importance of supporting student learning at home. Results indicated a statistically significant association between parent involvement and child’s academic performance….
    • Parenting
    • Communicating
    • Volunteering
    • Learning at home
    • Decision-making
    • Community Collaboration
  • Regardless of family background or income, parent involvement is a key indicator for student success
  • Collaborative efforts are the best ways to help people feel connected
  • Need to create enough opportunities for parent participation so that all kids can have this benefit

Group Break Outs and Discussion : How Are Parents Involved Now

  • Regular PTO Meetings
  • Topical meetings and forums
    • Family nights with high school volunteers
    • Bingo/spaghetti night
    • Safety and Disaster Preparedness Training
      • Do parents know what to do if they are in the school if an earthquake strikes? Is there a plan?
  • Coffee social in staff lounge
  • Morning and afternoon person on site connecting with people
  • Electronic outreach
    • Facebook page and group
    • E-mail school updates or newsletter
    • School web site
      • Is it user friendly? Up to date? Are bylaws and site council minutes available?
      • Are the calendars between the PTO and school integrated?
  • Phone trees
  • Classroom support
    • Are liaisions empowered to be problem solvers?
  • School wide volunteer support
    • Parent led classes
  • Community volunteer
    • Volunteer Spot
  • Ongoing surveys
  • Fundraising programs
  • Community events
    • Engineering night
    • Family Movie nights with concession and pizza
    • PE Activity Nights
    • Party on the Playground Food Truck Night
  • Traditions
    • Beginning of year watermelon feed Meet PTO
    • Popsicles on the playground
  • Listening sessions
  • Parent engagement focus group
  • Trainings
    • How to talk to staff about difficult situations

Recommended Support Resources

Online Reading


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